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Intensive Support Teams

About Our Regions

Prevent 2 Protect will assist Michigan schools in establishing Intensive Support Teams (IST) in five communities. The primary goal of the intensive support teams is to prevent targeted school violence and promote rehabilitation through short-and-long term intensive case management and mentoring in collaboration with local school communities. The ISTs facilitate cross-system collaboration and provide:

  • Specialized violence prevention expertise at the community level to facilitate management of high-risk, high need adolescents, clinical consultation, and mentoring.
  • Staffed by a case manager and a mentor, the IST’s support schools, community mental health agencies, law enforcement, courts, and other community stakeholders in the prevention violence and facilitation of rehabilitation.
  • The IST’s work to support high-risk adolescents and their caregivers by conducting ongoing risk and needs assessments and coordinating individual care plans which may include: medical, mental health, education, employment, and other services to address identified needs.
  • In 2023, Prevent 2 Protect established  intensive support teams in two of the five pilot school communities. The remaining three regions will be determined in 2024.

If you are interested in becoming a Prevent 2 Protect Intensive Support Region, please fill out the interest form by clicking on the button above.

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