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Community Education & Training

community trainingPrevent 2 Protect’s Hub is uniquely positioned to deliver research-informed training and technical assistance drawing on the Averted School Violence database, Safe and Sound Schools’ portfolio of education programs, and the Hub’s network of national and international subject matter experts.

The Prevent 2 Protect’s team presents at local, state, and national conferences in an effort to spread more awareness and education on their mission.

Safe and Sound Schools Partnership

MSU’s Prevent 2 Protect partner – Safe and Sound Schools – hosts regional School Safety Summits, workshops, and trainings with national-level experts in school safety who actively engage and connect stakeholders in the process of improving school safety. Communities throughout Michigan have access to specialized trainings  developed by Prevent 2 Protect.

Prevent 2 Protect offers specialized training to support:

  • Educators and school-based mental health providers.
  • Community-based medical and behavioral health professionals who provide direct services to adolescents and their families.
  • Law enforcement and juvenile/criminal justice professionals.
  • Community stakeholders to include faith and service organization

The goal of Prevent 2 Protect’s education and training programs is to develop new skills and strengthen existing ones to support local, state, and national efforts to prevent adolescent involvement in targeted school attacks.

Prevent 2 Protect’s Hub provides technical assistance in the form of after-action assessments, project evaluations, and provide expert advice to schools, behavioral and medical health professionals, law enforcement, and community stakeholders.

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