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West Shore

In northwest Michigan, Prevent 2 Protect will serve the West Shore Educational Service District in partnership with West Michigan Community Mental Health and county sheriff’s departments. West Shore ESD serves school communities in Lake, Mason, and Oceana counties. Partnering with local school districts, law enforcement, and mental health professionals to provide comprehensive services for individual students and the communities in which they live.

Demographic Information

12,594 (Lake), 29,409 (Mason), 26,973 (Oceana)
Geographic Footprint:
567 square miles (Lake), 495 square miles (Mason), 538 square miles (Oceana)
Median Household Income:
$40,753 (Lake), $55,035 (Mason), $56,454 (Oceana)
People under 65 without health insurance:
8.0% (Lake), 6.5% (Mason), 9.3% (Oceana)
Households with broadband internet:
71.5% (Lake), 80.1% (Mason), 77.4% (Oceana)
(Source U.S. Census
WSESD School Level State reporting data can be found here.

Regional Participant Referral

To make a referral, please call (517) 329 – 4250. You may also send an email to with your name and contact information. Please do not include any identifying information for the participant.

Baldwin Community School District
Mason County Eastern
Mason County Central
Gateway to Success
Ludington Area Schools
Pentwater Public Schools
Hart Public Schools
Shelby Public School District
Walkerville Public Schools

Intensive Support Team

syriah Contact Information:
(517) 246-1588

Syriah Dobis, M.A.

Case Manager
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